EnergyCAP – Software Benefits

The Eric Ryan Corporation has been working closely with a new innovative energy software.  EnergyCAP, has been implemented at Eric Ryan and is already proving to benefit our clients. This software was designed to identify building control problems, make wise energy purchasing decisions, perform energy savings measurement & verification, and eliminate billing errors.

The software itself is helpful and user friendly and by partnering this software with Eric Ryan, the benefits are more than worth noting.

Top 10 reasons to use EnergyCAP:

    • Best selling energy software since 1980
    • Measure, Manage, Save
    • Identify building control problems, inefficient facilities, and spot leaks
    • Make Wise Energy Purchasing Decisions
    • Motivate occupants to conserve
    • Track and report greenhouse gas emissions and “Green Energy” credits
    • Perform energy savings measurement & verification
    • Improve budgeting, accruals, and accounting
    • Fast processing of utility invoices
    • Eliminate Billing Errors

Top 10 reasons to use Eric Ryan & EnergyCAP

    • No expense required to purchase the software
    • Experienced staff to provide software support
    • ERC tracks down and enters billing history
    • ERC contacts vendors to resolve billing conflicts and recover overcharges
    • Database is hosted by ERC at no additional cost
    • Database set up time through ERC is much quicker
    • ERC  utility and energy expertise provides auditing beyond the raw data
    • ERC can consult and assist with energy contract negotiations
    • Every client is assigned a personal Account Manager familiar with their accounts
    • Software training is provided by ERC

Please contact us at 1-800-837-6406 to find out more information.

Tracey FergusonEnergyCAP – Software Benefits

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