Keith Venezie is the founder of The Eric Ryan Corporation (ERC).  Mr. Venezie established the business in October 1990, and incorporated in 1995.  Since starting the Corporation, Mr. Venezie has grown the company into one of the largest in the country that specializes in utility and telecommunication auditing and consulting.  Together with his staff, the Corporation has over 500 years of experience in this industry.  Mr. Venezie has built an organization that currently services over 4,500 clients in all 50 states as well as international markets such as Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.  His team of highly skilled professionals has identified over $1.5 Billion in opportunities since the company’s inception.

Mr. Venezie began his career with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a computer analyst.  He also held various positions with fortune 500 companies as a computer programmer and telecommunications manager.

Mr. Venezie attended Edinboro University and Pennsylvania State University.




Rebecca Hink joined The Eric Ryan Corporation in March of 1992. Ms. Hink currently holds the position as Chief Operations Officer. Ms. Hink, in her position as Chief Operations Officer, is responsible for identifying and implementing operation products that help improve efficiency and reduce expense.

Ms. Hink’s responsibilities also include the day-to-day management of the telecommunications auditing and help desk departments, primarily focusing on new account management and management of existing clients.

Prior to joining The Eric Ryan Corporation, Ms. Hink worked in financial management for a large commercial mortgage division in Seattle, Washington.

Ms. Hink attended Spokane Falls Community College and Whitworth College, both located in Washington State.




Mary DeCaria joined The Eric Ryan Corporation August 2001 and is currently the Chief Financial Officer. Ms. DeCaria is responsible for managing the day to day workflow of the administrative group and also is assigned the task of managing all aspects of the pre and post audit process. As Chief Financial Officer, Ms. DeCaria has been instrumental in developing automated workflow programs that have increased productivity and maximized profit margins by an additional half-million dollars.  Ms. DeCaria is also responsible for all financial matters with regard to corporate purchasing decisions.

Prior to joining The Eric Ryan Corporation, Ms. DeCaria owned and managed a commercial cleaning service. As Business Owner, Ms. DeCaria was responsible for all financial aspects of the business, including accounting, bookkeeping, payables and receivables. Ms. DeCaria was also in the financial services industry.

Ms. DeCaria attended Penn State University, studying accounting and business management.




Nina Burke joined The Eric Ryan Corporation in October of 1990. Ms. Burke currently sits on the Board of Directors as Corporate Treasurer and has held the position as Executive Vice President of Finance for over 17 years. Since joining the Corporation, Ms. Burke has been responsible for all financial matters pertaining to the Corporation. Ms. Burke’s financial insight has been a contributing factor to the company’s success and has positioned the Corporation to show a profitable return for numerous years.

Prior to joining The Eric Ryan Corporation, Ms. Burke held various accounting management positions with several commercial firms.

Ms. Burke is a graduate of Lincoln High School, located in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Ms. Burke attended New Castle Business College for accounting and business administration.







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