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  • Eric Ryan Corporation Billing Audits Help You Find & Fix Utility & Telecom Billing Errors

    We find and resolve utility and telecom billing issues that others often miss resulting in refunds, credits and future savings. We charge nothing up-front, we share only in the savings achieved.
  • Why A Professional Audit?

    Why A Professional Audit?

    We help you identify and implement cost-reduction opportunities, negotiate services to ensure the best service rates and recover overcharges for past billing errors.
  • Who Throws Money Away?

    Eric Ryan Corporation has found savings opportunities on over 94% of their utility and telecommunications billing audits.

  • Local and Long Distance, Internet, T-1 and Dynamic T-1, VOIP and Hosted VOIP, PRI, MPLS ,SIP Trunking, Wireless and more…

How The Program Works
The program has been skillfully designed to keep our clients in mind and protect their best interests. To that end we have set up a program that offers a no risk, no obligation process to better serve our clients’ needs. Once a client signs on for our services and provides the bill copies and forms needed to perform the audit, ERC begins a very intensive process of running the billings through a combination of built and purchased software programs that identifies opportunities such as billing errors or cost avoidance measures. All our recommendations are “capital expenditure painless” meaning that there is no money that needs to be spent to save money. Our analysts then open a ticket documenting the opportunity. The ticket identifies the issue, the recommendation and the savings opportunity that is available. After the audit is completed, we schedule a time to present our findings to the client. We go through each ticket and discuss the opportunity at hand. Once approved by the client, ERC then implements all the items that have been approved. ERC then reports on the savings to the client on a monthly basis and only “shares” in the savings when the client realizes the savings.


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